Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vidarbha Farmers joined 'Anna Hazare's fast' at Rajghat against police excess on Ramlila Maidana

Vidarbha Farmers joined 'Anna Hazare's fast' at Rajghat against police excess on Ramlila Maidan


UPA Govt.'s action curb anti corruption movement by police force on 4th June night has received very strong protest from vidarbh farmer who joined todys Aaana Hazare rajghat fast 'infact hundereds of farmers are victims of police action as particepted the indefinite fast by sitting near the panchayat bhavan in each village. Moreover, a group of 500 farmers and farm widows under farm activist VJAS on Saturday at Ramlila Maidan, informed Kishor Tiwari, president of VJAS.

Tiwari pointed out that after Yoga Guru Ramdev included main issues relating to country's agrarian crisis in his demands, other than bringing black money back to India, farmers have decided to support his agitation but nothing has till date as farmers demands are not even todays agenda of fast,we are treated as crowd puller that's unfortunte.

Tiwari and Babytai Bais, president of Vidarbha Farm Widows Association, said that more than two lakh farmers have committed suicide in the last decade as a result of deep rooted corruption in Indian law and administration system. "Vidarbha farmers are innocent victims and this is a rare opportunity for us to show despair faced by them. Earlier, we supported Anna Hazare's fast and now we are supporting Swami Ramdev agitation," they said.

‘massive corruption in relief packages to the tune of Rs.5000 crore is reason of continued farmers suicides in west vidarbha .serious allegations of corruption against senior minister and executives leveled in relief package graft but nothing has been happened even after CAG and PAC has given reports hence we want accountable and stringent Lokpal Act hence we are supporting Anna hazare’s causeand we appealed all responsible civil society to join the war against corruption’ Babetai Bais president vidarbha farm widows association(VFWA) informed in press release .

‘If Annaji can start indefinite fast at the age of 73 then why we should not spread the message of ‘corruption free India’ ,we have decided that whole vidarbha agrarian community will join the agitation along with civil society to take issue to the final conclusion’Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti added in press note.

,Kishore Tiwari said .


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