Monday, April 5, 2010

Seven more farmers killed themselves in April -VJAS

Heat of Drought adding fuel to Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis as Seven more farmers killed themselves in April -VJAS

Nagpur-5th April 5, 2010

First three days of April in Vidarbha region were as bad as earlier 2265 days since 2004 when seven more debt trapped and distressed farmers killed themselves taking tally to 212 in 2010 and 7368 since 2004. 7 innocent victims of vidarbha agrarian crisis v.i.z.

1.Rambhau Raut of Parsodi in Yavatmal

2.Kamalbai Phakade of Raveri In Yavatmal

3.Ramu Kambale of Khekadi in Yavatmal

4.Gajanan Myghane of Jaulka in Amaravati
5.Anil Nihkare of Akoli in Wardha

6.Maroti Bhalavi of Jatamkhora in Nagpur

7.Yogesh Danedhar of Brahmanwada in Amaravati

kishore tiwari of vidarbha janandolan samiti(VJAS) informed in a press release today.

Relied declared but fund not released

Mahrashtra Govt. declared drought in more than 15468 villages of vidarbha and promptly declared the relief in January 2010 but after 100 days till administration has not received any money to start relief operation ,resulting more distress and despair among cotton farmers who lost crop forcing them in financial debt and economic crisis more over in Maharashtra state Govt. budget nothing has been specially provided as direct and indirect relief to 3 million drought hit farmers of more than 15,000 villages and this has shown very shocking gloomy reaction and triggered the farm suicide spiral as farmers after severe crop failure were expecting financial relief and at least interest waiver on last year over due crop loan along with food security ,health facility to critically ill members of distressed farming community and provision for direct financial assistance to daughter marriage but finance minister has skipped the most need relief more over failed to give free fodder and potable water promise to dying people of vidarbha ,this is unfortunate as these are farmers suicides are being forced by the malfunctioning of state Govt.” alleged kishore tiwari of vidarbha janandolan samiti(VJAS) who are tracking these farm suicides since 1997 .

‘we are demanding since 2005 to stop this mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victims of wrong policies promoted by state as in dry land area rain sensitive crop like Bt.cotton is being cultivated in more than 95% area covering more than 3.2 million hector which is causing huge financial losses to the cotton farmers and drinking water crisis in the area. We have demanding the ban on rain sensitive crop in this region and promotion of food crop in all rain fed area of vidarbha since 2004 but nobody is giving any attention to this serious demand resulting more and more farm suicides in the region ‘ Tiwari added.

VJAS urged administration to attend the vidarbha agrarian crisis to stop the killing of innocent vidarbha farmers to provide free health care, food security, rural employment, fodder to save dying cattle ,drinking water to rural masses and cattle on priority basis so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled ,Tiwari said.