Sunday, June 26, 2011

Police arrested Dr Sunilam and thousands of farmers in Chindwada :Massive Tribal Protest to Adani Power Projectt in M.P.

Police arrested Dr Sunilam and thousands of farmers in Chindwada

:Massive Tribal Protest to Adani Power Projectt in M.P.

Nagpur - June 26, 2011.

Senior socialist leader and main convener of action committee who is protesting proposed thermal power plant and irrigation project Ex.MLA from Multai DR.Sunilam was arrested by M.P. Police in morning when he was going to project site where project affected tribal rally “Mahapanchayat” was organized and function to get back land for sowing and cultivation but very planned approach to crack down by police and thousand of project effected farmers who were have been arrested under leadership of Adv.Aradhana Shrivatva ,police have beaten up protesters and now their all cell phones are taken off .they have not been given food and Ther No Update To Family Members Even Dr.Sunilam Has Been Taken To Unknown Place ,Kishore Tiwari Nagpur base activist who is associated with Dr.Sunilam informed press note today.

‘this is gross violation of fundamental rights earlier too Dr.Sunilam and Aradhana Shrivasta were attacked by the supporters of union minister Kamalnath,M.P. who is associated with Adani group and Adani has also got themal power palnts which complete protection BJP National Chief Nitin Gadkari hence ruling party at the state and centre are supporting Adani Group Who Has Started This Project With Out Environment Clearance, we will atke this issue with NHRC tomorrow but this is very unfortunate developments that tribal are jailed and not allowed to protest”tiwari added

“in my last to the villages of Chindwara where during the Padyatra farmers refused to part with their lands under any circumstances. He said without any Environment clearance Adani Power Project Limited illegitimately started construction on the forcefully acquired land which has to be immediately act upon by the Ministry of Environment through the state government and acquired land should be handed over back to the farmers. He also said that as per the decision taken by Government of India in 1975 a Public Tribunal should be held to estimate the implications of any project in the affected area. Action committee appealed to the Ministry of Environment and Forests to hold a People’s Tribunal in the area again and said it is illegal that the land which was bought over by the state government at the price of Rs 1,500-10,000/- per acre in 1986 is being sold now at Rs 13,50,000/- per acre especially when land was used for agricultural purposes even until last year.

It is allged that generation of electricity in the area is only for sole purpose of benefitting Adani Pench Power Limited and Pench Project’s water will be used by Adani. This will displace 31 villages of the region where land is being acquired in the name of Public Interest. this Project will destroy agricultural land of almost 150 villages due to ash of the power plant and ash dam water therefore the farmers in the whole area are protesting against this Power Project. Villagers informed that on June 10, 2011 farmers of the area have decided to sow their land as soon as possible and thus Mahapanchayat has been called on June 26, 2011. Dr Sunilam earlier allged that that the congress goons hired by Adani in connivance with local police and administration are openly threatening to attack him again and villagers with deadly consequences. It is evident that farmer’s movement is under assault but farmers will continue with their peaceful struggle.”Tiwari said

They have appealed to the NHRC to provide security to Dr Sunilam and investigate the whole incident. They told that when farmers met Minister of Environment and Forests Mr Jairam Ramesh under the leadership of Medha Patkar, he had categorically emphasised that no permission has been granted to Adani Power Project. Despite that construction work is under process which needs to be stopped with immediate effect and constructed structures should be demolished. They declared that social movements will join the peaceful movement of farmers in order to get back their lands.

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