Thursday, August 18, 2011

Political parties supporting Anna to clear stand on ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’-VJAS

Political parties supporting Anna to clear stand on ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’-VJAS

Nagpur- Dated 19th August 2011

“The creation of independent body to curb and control corruption in name of lokpal is pending before parliament since 1977 and depp rooted corruption in Indian political and administrative system has been preventing it’s formation and it was pressure of civil society and mass movement forced the UPA to introduce ‘Lokpal Bill’ which is toothless and another hoax is reason of on going Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazareji which has been receiving historic support from all section of society forced all position parties to support the agitation but their stand on the basic strigent conditions of Anna’s Lokpal bill is till not clear and even after Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill’ is taken for discussion it’s fate is likely to be the fate of women reservation bill hence it is necessary for all political parties who are supporting Anna agitation and trying hijack the same for it’s political advantage ,should clear it’s stand on all terms of dispute of Janlokpal bill with present draft of ‘Lokpal Bill’ presented in parliament and which before standing committee for further discussion other wise it will another betrayal with millions of peoples who are taking part in the agitation and wants to get rid with cancer of corruption hence this appeal” Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press release today.

The present political system which has legitimate the corruption at all level have rotten the society ,the political leaders are taking this profession of public source as earning tool and amazed crores of rupees through it same is the case with babus .this practice is part and parcel in most of parties and in last decade most leaders who are shouting more against corruption are deeply involved in the systematic corruption that is most unfortunate hence provision stringent punishment and it’s scope to probe all public servants ,all babus and elected representatives is area of concern where this ‘Janlokapal Bill’ likely to take years ti became law of the land hence we wants that atleast political parties who are supporting Anna today should come clean of these issues ’Tiwari added.

Even after 66 years of so called freedom 90% population is denied food, shelter, healthcare ,education and forced to die due to starvation ,despair and distress then there is need to change system and policies and year 2011 is set to have that change and Anna Hazare’s movement against graft is the beginning of that revolution and we urged all section to civil society to join the second freedom movement in order to save million of dying vidarbha farmers and tribal who are innocent victims of this post-independence hostile systematic political and administrative corruption , Kishore Tiwari said

“2,30,000 Indian farmers suicides in last decade is largest genocide in world history of mankind is result of on going corruption at high level that is resulting in wrong anti-poor and farmer policies and vidarbha is capital of that genocide hence our protest and support to anti-graft agitation is much more valid and legitimate hence to echo this mass genocide in all civil disobedience agitation we have been participating and extending support actively and this time too we are joining Team Anna for the same ”Tiwari added.

“UPA Govt.'s has been trying curb anti corruption movement and voice of framers and civil society by police force will receive very strong protest from vidarbha farmer who are the victims of on going corruption and misrule of state where the Govt. is protecting corrupt officers found guilty of misusing relief aid given under prime minister relief package hence our support to agitation much more legitimate as Vidarbha farmers are innocent victims on going misrule and this is a rare opportunity for us to show despair faced by us. Earlier too we supported Anna Hazare's fast and now we are supporting his second freedom struggle" Babetai Bais president vidarbha farm widows association (VFWA) informed in press release.

‘Massive corruption in relief packages to the tune of Rs.5000 crore is reason of continued farmers suicides in west vidarbha .serious allegations of corruption against senior minister and executives leveled in relief package graft but nothing has been happened even after CAG and PAC has given reports hence we want accountable and stringent Lokpal Act hence we are supporting Anna hazare’s cause and we appealed all responsible civil society to join the war against corruption’ Babetai Bais of vidarbha farm widows association(VFWA) added.

‘If Annaji can go to jail and do indefinite fast at the age of 73 then why we should not spare 8 days of life to stay in jail in order make ‘corruption free India’ ,we have decided that whole vidarbha agrarian community will join the agitation along with civil society to take issue to the final conclusion’ Mohan Jadhav of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed.

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