Monday, February 9, 2009

Two faces of BJP : Narendra Modi’s strong globalization stands makes BJP Resolution on Agriculture meaningless.

Two faces of BJP : Narendra Modi’s strong globalization stands makes BJP Resolution on Agriculture meaningless.

NAGPUR -8th feb.2009

Gujarat chief minister and prime minister of NDA in waiting(that’s also hidden list) Narendra Modi has come out with second face of up coming BJP only after 12 hours of passing the one of socialist and in line Gandhian philosophy of rural India resolution on Agriculture by national executive Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) today in Nagpur meet as he has advocated very strongly free trade and globalization which has resulted mass genocide of cotton farmers ,country has not forgotten the past when NDA has lifted quantitative restriction of import in 2004 when BJP president rajnath singh was agriculture minister ,much which before the WTO asked and huge import cotton bells from America on very cheaper rate due to heavy US subsidies to cotton farmers has completely collapsed cotton economy of vidarbha that’s has brought this agrarian crisis. If this is true face of BJP then what about it’s resolution which have been enlisted as farmers rights which are contradictory to the basic conditions WTO and free trade .BJP has assured that NDA will give

1. Minimum Support Price to be fixed after adding 50 per cent over production cost.

2. Minimum Support Price for all crops.

3. Provision of subsidy directly to farmers. Agricultural loans to be provided at the rate of four per cent Interest.

4. Farm income guarantee insurance scheme for small farmers.

5. Adequate power supply for agriculture.

6. Water for every field and work for every hand.

7. Pension for old age farmers.

8. Loans of all farmers to be waived off under the principle of equality

9. Implementation of the recommendations of the Agricultural Commission.

The resolution of agriculture was really good opening to change the image of BJP is as right wing hindu fundamentalist party to party which believes in social equality and justice but Narendra Modi speech has given very wrong single as promoting globalisation and free trade will further aggravate agrarian crisis will invite more farmers to kill themselves ,hence BJP should come out with official stand over the issue, ,Kishore tiwari of Vidarbha jan andolan samiti (VJAS) urged in press note today.

VJAS president kishor tiwari has requested all political parties to protect Indian farming community from free trade and menace of MNC,s which are mainly responsible for 1,82,000 farmers suicides since 1998 in India.“we have to stop this on going farm suicides ,we hope that all parties will take same stand on agriculture so that we can forget the very sad era of this farmers suicides which has witnessed more than 1,82,000 farm victims due wrong policies of state ” tiwari added.


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