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Vidarbha "No Rain and No Fresh Crop Loan " has deepen agrarian crisis-VJAS demands National Food Crop Promotion Programme for West Vidarbha Farmers


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Ref : VJAS/vidarbha agrarian crisis-08 PRESSS-NOTE Dated- 13th july, 2008

Vidarbha "No Rain and No Fresh Crop Loan " has deepen agrarian crisis

VJAS demands National Food Crop Promotion Programme for West Vidarbha Farmers

Nagpur-13th july, 2008

Now Vidarbha farmers there are facing a double whammy of no rains and no loans this year this further deepen the on going agrarian crisis. As monsoon has played havoc and till date five district of vidarbha has not received single shower for continuous one hour resulting the hopeless condition that now there cant be sowing of cash crop like cotton or Soybean seeds as in Vidarbha 95 % is dry land Soybean seeds, unlike cotton, germinate early – in six to seven days after sowing, but they also dry up quickly if there's no moisture in land now sowing food crop like jawar and bajara is only possible hence Govt. should prome food crop cultivation as relief measure urged by Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) today.

Vidarbha cotton farmers as banks are yet to commence disbursement of fresh loans to farmers at many places opted local moneylender cum seed shopkeepers and dealers channel to do first and second sowing in June and first week of July but the scanty rainfall and in the absence of proper irrigation facilities it failed and ground condition in west vidarbha is drought prone and very serious as complete region is in grip of rural crisis resulting huge despair among 3 million debt-trapped mainly cotton farmers after objective of the Centre's debt relief scheme has not served it's basic purpose when officially, banks were supposed to notify beneficiaries of the waiver by 30 June. But Vidarbha's farmers were notified only on the last day. Since the beneficiaries of the waiver were defaulters before that date, the banks till date have not given fresh crop loans to them.

As a result, many farmers have been forced to buy seeds on credit from or have borrowed from the local moneylender to pay for them.but this year, the weather gods too have not been kind and the seeds bought with borrowed money are again likely to go it is clear that if the rains fail them this year then they will never be able to repay their debt. , informed Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) today.

VJAS has urged Indian Govt. to intervene in the matter and provide special food crop promotion relief package in west vidarbha to save dying cotton farmers as more than 50% area under cotton cultivation is barren after frist and second sowing cotton seed has been failed,in a letter to Indian Prime Minister Dr. Mamomhan Singhji , kishor tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) has requested him provide free distribution of jawar and bajar seed along with Rs.2000 per acre incentive to these food crop cultivating, Tiwari added.

This year chemical fertilizer shortage and much delayed monsoon has given wider scope for administration to promote organic farming and chance to break mono crop culture of high risk high cost cotton cultivation but officer on ground levl are not keen to do hence Vidarbha needs special attention along with agrarian crisis affected 41 districts of India and integrated formula involving social engineering and sustainable farming with special promotion to rural village level employment targeted job units and proper helath care and educational security to distressed farming society to stop farm suicides , Tiwari added.

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