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Vidarbha Farm loan waiver for is peanut as only 10% Debt is waived off

Vidarbha Farm loan waiver for is peanut as only 10% Debt is waived off


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Ref : VJAS/vidarbha loan waiber-08 PRESSS-NOTE dated- 5th july, 2008

Vidarbha Farm loan waiver for is peanut as only 10% Debt is waived off

West Vidarbha get RS.507 crore where as Wetern Maharshtra get Rs. 5700 crore farm loan waiver



Nagpur-5th july, 2008

Now it’s official that most farm suicide prone west vidarbha which is on international & national radar since june 2007 even after Rs.71000 crore farm loan waiver has received peanut amount of Rs.507 crore


against total agriculture debt of Rs.5876 crore as loan waiver keeping all most 80% distressed farmers out of loan waiver net but most prosperous and progressive farmers of Union Agriculture Minister Shrad Pawar political stronghold Western Maharashtra has been benefited most as total loan waiver amount of Pune and Nashik Division has crossed Rs. 5700 crore excluding amount of OTS which also amounting Rs.2680 crore as per official record of cooperative Deptt. Of Maharashtra , informed kishor tiwari of vidarbha janandolan samiti (VJAS) today.

Prime Minister Promise broken by NABARD – Unusual Credit crunch resulted in lowest crop loan traget in west vidarbha

More than 6000 cotton farmers suicides since june-2005 due to on going agrarian crisis forced Indian Prime Minister Dr.Mammohan Singh to visit vidarbha and announced Rs.3750 crore relief package to 3 million cotton farmers of six district of the west vidarbha region on 1st july 2006 in nagpur that Rs.840 crore interest waiver was given to the banks and NABARD arranged credit flow of Rs.2500 crore for fresh crop loan disbursement and more than 1 million cotton farmers old farm debt was reconstructed and fresh crop loan was given and Indian Prime Minister Dr.Mammohan Singh promised to keep that credit cycle would be restored for next thre year that for 2006 ,2007 and 2008 but here is credit folw chart that gives most pathetic picture of NABARD’s failure to keep the farm credit cycle intact.


Nabard credit flow or cropl loan disbursement amount

Number of farmers given fresh crop loan from the banks

2006(after Rs.840 crore interest waiver relief to the bank

Rs.2500 crore sanctioned and Rs.2356 crore disbursed.

Record 10,66,578 farmers given the fresh crop loan

2007 (cotton crop failure in year 2006-2007 and agrarian crisis continue)

NABARD sanctioned only Rs.1345 crore due to very poor recovery and first blow to breaking of credit cycle started)

This time only 4.56,822 farmers were given fresh crop loan

2008(status after Rs.507 core farm loan waiver and Rs.450 crore OTS)

NABARD is failed to sanction the proposed fresh credit of Rs.680 crore as per state Govt demand till date banker’s has not received single paisa hence fresh crop loan disbursement to beneficiaries is likely to start by mid – august and all3 million cotton farmers have already arranged credit from input dealers and money lenders ,inviting serious agrarian crisis ahead.

Babus are themselves proposing to cover not more than 2,30,00o farmers breaking credit cycle of 2.8 million distressed dying farmers even after the Rs.71000 farm loan waiver

June 2009

90% Vidarbha farmers will have to repay first installment of reconstructed crop loan debt done 2006 and first installment of 2008 OTS and full payment of this year crop loan provided it is arranged.

Deep credit crisis and more serious agrarian crisis is predicted in west vidarbha due non application mind and hostile approach to tackle the crasis.

Above table give failed credit scenario even after much discussed loan waiver,kishor tiwari added.


Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) has once again asked demanded that PMO sould give to serious importance to vidarbha agrarian crisis as recently tabled CAG report on farmers relief package worth Rs.5000 crore and survey of ground reality which adding further fuel to on going Mass Genocide of vidarbha farmers and requested to take remedial measures such provided food security and health care to identified more than million of distressed farmers as per administration survey to stop on going farm suicides in vidarbha ,kishor tiwari added.

Vidarbha needs special attention along with agrarian crisis affected 41 districts of India and integrated formula involving social engineering and sustainable farming with special promotion to rural village level employment targeted job units and proper helath care and educational security to distressed farming society not the blanket loan waiver or AIBP like non effective long term relief measures to stop farm suicides ,tiwari demanded.


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