Friday, February 24, 2012

VJAS moved PM on official reports of Farmers’ Suicide Tripled in 2011

VJAS moved PM on official reports of Farmers’ Suicide Tripled in 2011

NAGPUR: Feb 25, 2012,

Govt. administration figures of farmers suicides in vidarbha agrarian crisis hit cotton belt of western districts first for year 2011 has been shocked the local media and civil society when national daily reported that figures compiled by government at Yavatmal district, the epicenter of agrarian crisis, with very different rocking figures completely contracting earlier reports of Govt. of India and Mahrashtra Govt in 2011, have been committed due to agrarian crisis tripled as compared to the last year In Yavatmal district as against in 2010 administration confirmed 35 farmers suicides due to agrarian crisis eligible for government compensation whereas in 2011, as against 76 have been declared as agrarian crisis hit farmers suicides which is all most three times than earlier which reflects seriousness of the vidarbha crisis after post packages years and prime minister’s visit to vidarbha in July 2006 ,hence Vidarbha Janadolan Samiti (VJAS) activist group working farmers rights in region since 1997 and demanding the complete rehabilitation of farm widows and kids of farmers families who committed suicides,written a letter requesting Indian prime minister DR.Manmohan singh to provide long term solution to the crisis and integrated solution to vidarbha agrarian crisis ,Kishor Tiwari convener of VJAS informed in press release today.

“In fact around 550 cotton farmers committed suicides(2010-309 and 2011-240) in Yavatmal district but triple jump in 2011’s figure official farmers suicides due to agrarian crisis is due to the government relaxing the criterion for declaring a suicide as that due to farm crisis making to somewhat sensitive as per landholding norms as now any members of farming family who is involved in cultivation as considered as farmer but other stringent norms of giving relief aid to farm widows reflects very gloomy picture as in west vidarbha due to the government relaxing the criterion for declaring a suicide as that due to farm crisis since 2000 where as , 2,332 farmers have committed suicide in Yavatmal. Out of which 714 have been declared to be due to farm crisis this is very ridiculous all cases of farmers’ suicides should be given relief aid ” Kishore Tiwari Urged PMO to review all cases in light with changed norms.

‘The official figure of official farm suicides 309 suicides in 2010 and in 2011, as against 240 suicides by farmers is just gives trend when all the six farm suicide-hit districts Akola, Amravati, Buldhana, Wardha, and Washim apart from Yavatmal.are considered for prime minister relief package and Indian Govt. claims to spent more than Rs.5,000 crore apart from Rs.70,000 crore national loan waiver which has given additional Rs.8000 crore to the package in 2006 and 2008 but there is no change in agrarian economy and rate of farm suicides in the region that has exposed total failure of Indian Govt. to solve agrarian crisis in dry land region of maharashtra hence we are demanding fresh review of issue so that innocent farmers on going genocide can be stopped.” Tiwari added.

‘We are asking PMO to provide sustainable solution to agrarian policies in order to restore vidarbha agrarian economy which is needed complete focus on the dry land farmers who are subjected to the high risk rain sensitive cash crop like cotton and sugarcane which has ruined economic system of region creating lot of social engineering issues which are adding fuel to already hostile environment of west vidarbha completely dominated by acute distress, despair and gloom hence the urgent request to PMO” VJAS urged.

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