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KBC Aparna Malikar was nervous on TV, and at home too-TIMES OF INDIA

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Aparna was nervous on TV, and at home too

VARA-KAWTHA (Yavatmal): Thursday was a big day for the villagers here. Their biggest idol, the courageous Aparna Malikar who won Rs 6.40 lakh in KBC to make them proud and the village a much visible blip on India map, was to appear on Kaun Banega Crorepati at 8.30pm. She was also the topic of discussion in the adjoining town of Pandharkawda and other villages.

The day was special to Aparna as she would be getting the prize money of Rs 6.40 lakh as per the contract after the episode was telecast.

After performing the aarti at the Devi pandal at 7pm on their way back from the fields, the villagers started taking position in front of the TV. At about 8.20pm, many including sarpanch Nirmala Gore, started thronging Aparna's small hut constructed from soil and cow dung, and a tin sheet. There was excitement in her home as well as at the neighbours.

However, to their disappointment, the earlier contestant Satish Kumar from Allahabad had not completed his turn. People in Aparna's house waited patiently with some even trying to guess the answers to questions posed by Amitabh Bachchan.

At 9pm there was a commercial break. Finally, Aparna appeared on television. Draped in a yellow sari on the show, she seemed to be nervous initially. At home too. Her elder daughter Rohini was very happy and kept muttering away pointing to the TV. Aparna could barely watch as she was continuously either receiving calls or informing others to watch the show.

On the show, Aparna was accompanied by Manjusha Ambarwar, daughter of another farmer who committed suicide. Manjusha is now pursuing journalism from Nagpur University.

Bachchan tried to make Aparna comfortable by asking her story. While narrating the saga of her husband committing suicide, Aparna got nervous and successfully managed to hold back her tears.

The first question was on beehive and Aparna fully knowing her limitations started using lifelines. Even Big B was amused by her move but she was on the track. She used three lifelines smartly while answering five questions correctly.

Her daughter, studying in second standard at New Model English School at nearby Bori village, was the happiest lot. "Today my teacher and my friends were asking me about the episode and I am very happy," she says. Aparna's younger daughter Samruddhi had fallen asleep.

Aparna quit the game after the seventh question though she later she correctly answered the question of who had written over 4,000 abhangs in praise of Lord Vittal of Pandharpur (Sant Tukaram).

Gore praised Aparna for her courage and dedication. As Big B bid good night after dedicating a poem to her, Aparna told the audience at her home that she felt very happy to meet the superstar. After climbing down from the chairs, Big B told Aparna that he will send her the money which he asked her to deposit in a bank.

"I felt relieved and was happy to meet him. Till that moment I felt I was in my dreams. Today I am relived a dream that has changed my life forever," she said.

Power snag disrupts show

A power snag very early disrupted the show but fortunately it was restored in 10 minutes. Everybody was criticizing the electricity board officials for the same. But as soon as power returned, happiness was visible on everybody's face.

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