Monday, July 11, 2011

Monsanto officials beaten up by Cotton farmers as Bt.cotton seed failed: Bogus Bt.cotton seed creates havoc in vidarbha

Monsanto officials beaten up by Cotton farmers as Bt.cotton seed failed: Bogus Bt.cotton seed creates havoc in vidarbha

Nagpur- July 11, 2011

American cotton seed MNC giant Monsanto of having international monopoly of notorious killer BT. cotton seed has never even dreamed in 2005 when he was first commercial cultivation permission of it’s controversial Bt.cotton seed that it sale will jump from 1million hector to record 15 million hector in India that too more than 5 million hector in agrarian crisis hit Maharashtra itself that has crossed the turn over of Rs.15,000 crore as farmers are buying 11 packets of 450 gm per hector as per company’s guide for recommended “population method” but the sudden demand and ill-managed Indian sub agents have brought company in big trouble as 50% of the Bt.cotton seed failed to germinate even after it’s second sowing and now cry has been started in other part of India too ,hence Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti farmers advocacy group has approached local state Govt. of Maharashtra to arrange high level probe in to all complaints received from farmers of west vidarbha where more than 10,000 cotton farmers have committed suicide since june 2005 after the introduction killer BT. cotton seed in this region and around Rs.10,000 crore has been pumped by Indian and state Govt .to bailout cotton farmers from the agrarian crisis which is likely to be get more fuel if corrective action are taken immediately ,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed today.

Monsanto Bt.cotton seed crisis early June when all bt.cotton seed ordered by Maharashtra dealers sold out it to the adjourning Andhra farmers and there was no seed available to cater to local market and Monsanto sub-agents were failed to respond to state Govt. request suddenly Bt.cotton seed were freely available in market in third week of June but source supply has discovered immediately by Yavatmal police when the raided house of Nerendra Indurkar in the very small village Munjala and caught raid handed packing local cotton seed in the pocket of branded Bt.cotton .police have sealed the very advance imported pocket packing machines and thousands of packets of all popular brands BT. cotton seed being sold on the premium but culprit Nerendra Indurkar were allowed to go with out any interrogation but officials of American BT. cotton seed giant in India were called and facts were told but they denied any link with such bogus BT. cotton seed supply racket.

Monsanto officials beaten up by Cotton farmers as Bt.cotton seed failed

When news of arrival Monsanto senior official from Mumbai are in near village munjala cotton farmers of village karanji 140 K.m. from Nagpur has taken him to their field where complete failure of ‘Paras Sudarshan’ BT. cotton seed was shown to him when he failed to admit the lapse he was severely beaten up even local agriculture officer has not came to his rescue as per reports published in regional news papers .daily all regional papers in vidarbha and marathwada region of Maharashtra where more than 4 million hector are in under bt.cotton cultivation are reporting the flood of bogus seed supplied local agents of American cotton seed MNC giant Monsanto giant is being reported but administration has failed to take any action of this serious issue hence Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan to order judicial enquiry in the supply racket of bogus BT. cotton seed in Maharashtra and arrange to start criminal action against culprit,Tiwari added.

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