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Seven more Vidarbha farmers commit suicide -TIMES OF INDIA

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Seven more farmers commit suicide

YAVATMAL: Seven more debt ridden farmers from Vidarbha committed suicide during the first three days of the new year. Of these, three ended their lives in Yavatmal district, the epicentre of the region's agrarian crisis.

Prakash Pawar of Ajanti village, Rahul Karthode of Kelzara village and Dhrupatabai Rathod of Bhamb village of Mahagaon tehsil, all from Yavatmal district, and Ravindra Kondane of Akola, Motiram Mohurle of Wardha, Kalamkar Sawarbandhe of Bhandara and Ghotu Jabhorkar of Amravati are the names of the deceased.

The latest suicide was that of Dhrupatabai Rathod, who owned four acres of farm and owed Rs 35,000 loan dues to Fulsavangi-based Central Bank. Rathod was upset due to the damages caused to the cotton crops in her field due to unseasonal rains. On Monday afternoon, the distressed woman left home and did not return until late evening. Her family members launched a search and her body was later found in their farm. She had consumed pesticide to end her life. She was left behind her husband, two sons and others to mourn her death.

Tiwari said that despite the tall claim of bumper crops of cotton and comparatively higher price, the suicide spree continues, indicating that the government has failed to evolve effective measures to address the problem. He also reiterated his earlier demand for opening government procurement centres for tur to ensure MSP and incentives. In fact, private traders and their touts are active in the region before the harvest of tur and they are set to exploit the needy farmers, he added.

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