Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vidarbha farm widows burned Osama’s effigy to protest US Agri-Trade Monopolies and disaster Gm seeds

Vidarbha farm widows burned Osama’s effigy to protest US Agri-Trade Monopolies and disaster Gm seeds

Nagpur-8th November 2010

When high level committee of US delegates are finalizing the final statements regarding opening up Indian farm sector ,retail sector and small manufacturing sectors are facing lot of problems ,hundreds of vidarbha farm widows in Both-Bodan village which has reported highest number farm suicide 170 kilometer from Nagpur burned US Prez.Barack Obama effigy to protest on going cotton farmers suicides in the vidarbha region of eastern Maharashtra since 2005 after the official permission of commercial cultivation of genetically modified Bt.cotton seeds ,protesting were demanding the complete ban on Bt.cotton seed and withdrawal of huge subsidies to American cotton farmers .Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) secretary Mohan Jadhav who lead the protest said that this wild protest is the result of frustration when Prez.Barack Obama failed echo our sentiments as Indian agrarian crisis which has claimed more than 2,16,000 farmers suicides is very serious and US Govt. can’t ignore the same when American MNCs and so called genetic revolution and research has been instrumental in this crisis .

‘We will continue the protest against US agriculture policies and GM seed promotion till the mass genocide of Indian farmers is not stopped and farmers and farm activist are very upset with the first speech of US Prez.Barack Obama in the meeting of Industrialist and Capitalist of India is very shocking as he is the American president who is in the role of Marketing Manager to US MNCs which under deep recession and economic crisis and focusing 100 crore population out of which 80 % are below poverty line and without food, shelter, employment and health security as ‘Big Consumer Market’ is very unfortunate .USA can’t ignore basic serious issues of poverty and hunger of south east Asia and big problem to the peace and harmony of the region due to US intervention in adjusting nations and existence of mega military forces in and around India’ Kishor Tiwari statement over Obama business speech in Mumbai on Saturday.

It was expected that US Prez.Barack Obama would speak about the truth that from period between 1995 and 2009, the US government paid a quarter of a trillion dollars or a staggering Rs1250000 crore in farm subsidies to its farmers and as per recent report on US federal subsidy published earlier this year by the Washington-based research organization, the Environment Working Group (EWG), the American tax payers shelled out $245.2 billion in farm subsidies during 1995-2009, which works out to an average of $15 billion or Rs75000 crore per year, but he kept his salience over duplicity of US Government.

The VJAS urged political parties to oppose demand of US to open up the FDI in retail and food processing, push for the GM seeds’ adoption, reinvigorate the Indo-US knowledge initiative is matter before agreements are signed and chapter are closed allowing US companies take over in agriculture and rural business. Tiwari also claimed that due to aggressive promotion of Bt Cotton seeds, the Indian cotton manufactures are facing a piquant situation while retiring opposition to proposed policy of Government of India facilitating genetically modified seeds.


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