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Vidarbha farm widows on war path :‘ stop atrocities on farm widows’ –P.sainath

Vidarbha farm widows on war path :‘ stop atrocities on farm widows’ –P.sainath

PANDHARKAWADA-16h January 2009

Please allow us live’ was the only appeal made by hundreds of farm widows who gathered at Jeddewar Bhavan ,Pandharkawada the micro rural township of yavatmal district known as epicenter of farm suicides to attend Vidarbha farm widows one day meet organized by VJAS (Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti) on 15th Jan. 2009. P.Sainath , Vijay Janwandhia ,Kirantai Moghe , Sonia Sainath and Shankar Danao attended the meet.

More than 200 farm widows and relatives of farmers who committed suonicide in the on going Agrarian crisis in west vidarbha which has resulted since June 2005 in 5230 farm widows. All widows who spoke in the meet were critical to the state administration apathy creating venerable condition of families as state has rejected more than 90% cases for compensation and these families are facing very complex problems of farming, kids education, daughter’s marriage hence in a resolution meet urged Govt. address the main hardship of these farm widows ,Mohan Jadhav Secretary of VJAS informed today

It is matter of national shame when we look at pathetic condition of farm widows,if administration is not giving any relief, then should at least stop on gong atrocities to these poor women ,P.sainath urged in the meet.

‘farm widows should unite and form political force to get honor and justice’ kirantai moghe appeal the farm widows. Farmers who committed suicides are victims of globalization and state should look after families of these farmers ,vajay jawandhia urged at the occasion .

Farm activist kishor tiwari ,moreshawar watile ,suresh bolenwar,mohan mamidwar among farm wiodws Kalavawari banidhurkar ,sarwasatibai ambarwar,nanda bhandare,kavita kudmethe spoke in the meet.

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