Sunday, June 14, 2009

As Monsoon delayed now Vidarbha farmers beating drums before "Rain God"

Now vidarbha cotton farmers are in deep worry as it’s a delayed monsoon, at least for central India hence they are now beating drum before "varun devata-water god" as this is common practice that all womens along with drums are going with water to please the water god so that monsoon become active and it rain . good monsoon is lifeline of vidarbha dry land farmers as there was very low monsoon rain last year ,there is acute water problem all over central india. There are no signs of the south-west monsoon reaching Vidarbha and central India for another 7-10 days. Although monsoon had touched Kerala on May 23, the weather systems which bring monsoon rains in central India have become extremely weak. Normally monsoon reaches Nagpur, the centre of the country, between June 10-15 but it has weakened after reaching Ratnagiri with no sign of any progress.

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), it would be at least another week before the monsoon reached vidarbha . As there is a disruption in the flow pattern monsoon has not advanced ,heat wave is continued in vidarbha. this delay will certainly effect crop pattern in west vidarbha as low rain will have severe impact on vidarbha cash crop cotton and soybean .

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