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Thousands of distressed vidarbha farmers demands food- health security and shelter in massive protest rally


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Ref : VJAS/relief package-08 PRESSS-NOTE Dated- 5th December 2008

Thousands of distressed vidarbha farmers demands food- health security and shelter in massive protest rally

Nagpur-5th December 2008

Thousands of distressed dying vidarbha took out big protest rally in pandharkawada in yavatmal district which has reported more than 1200 cotton farmers suicides has demanded food & health security and shelter .Vidarbha Jan andolan Samiti(VJAS) organised this morcha on 27th November to draw the attention of administration towards the urgent steps to save the million of dying farmers identified by Govt. as “farmers in deep distress”.More than 10,000 distressed farmers particepted in the protest march led by VJAS leaders kishore tiwari,mohan jadhav,mohan mamidwar,bhimrao naitam and others .

The representation submitted to local administration reads as under


“We are once again submitting this humble representation with kind prayer to intervene in the continued grave plight of Farmers in light of unpresented & unfortunate situation arising out of hundreds of suicides committed by distressed farmers in the Cotton Cultivating Belt of Vidarbha Region of State of Maharashtra. The gross failure of the State Administration even to take the cognizance of the Survey Report referred above, in which the information pertaining to farmers’ families in extreme distress and with the extreme illness have not been attended by the State Administration even after 26 months from the Survey conducted in June, 2006. The recommendations made by Dr. Narendra Jadhav Committee in its report submitted way back in the month of July, 2008 are very much relevant and important as far as providing immediate relief to the 4,34,291 Farmers families in extreme distress category which needs Food Security & Health Security at first instance.

As pointed out by Dr. Narendra Jadhav Committee, while reviewing the success of implementation of the PMO Package for Farmers, it must be admitted that it has totally failed to provide any immediate help to those farmers’ families in the category of “Farmers Families in Extreme Distress” (total families 4,34,291) and “Farmers Families with extreme illness” (total families 92,456), though the complete data of which is available in the Report of the Survey conducted by Govt. of Maharashtra in June, 2006.

We all are aware that though the issue is complex and is the overall effect of various factors governing it, still we have few points to be highlighted for your immediate action in the interest of dying farmers, apart from the various long term measures suggested by various agencies including the High Power Committee appointed by Your Government under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Former Chairman of National Commission of Farmers & the Father of Green Revolution in the country and now Dr. Narendra Jadhav Committee.

We have analysed the recommendations made by Dr. Narendra Jadhav Committee in its report on the basis of our representation submitted to the said committee on 19th December, 2007 and the survey report dated 15th June, 2006 conducted by the Government of Maharashtra’s Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swawlamban Mission at Amravati in connection with the Farmers’ plight. We have made comparative statement of the facts and required immediate steps to be taken in the form of Action Taken Report (ATR) from the Governments on vital & important recommendations made by said committee in the interest of dying farmers.

We hereby humbly request for your immediate intervention in the matter, in order to get implemented the recommendations of Dr. Narendra Jadhav Committee.

OUR OTHER DEMANDS are as under :-

A) Cost effective remunerative prices to be provided to Soya bean, Pulses, Rice, Jowar & Other Agro Commodities to protect the interest of Farmers suffering due to high input cost & low productivity / yield due to pest attack on the crop.

B) All the farmers to get loans / credits from the Nationalised Banks & not from Co-operative Institutions which have been failed due to various reasons & siphoning of funds by the Co-operative Bodies.

C) Employment potentials in Rural Parts of Vidarbha be increased & the causes for total failure of implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Maharashtra State be investigated & all responsible officials be punished for defeating the very purpose of NREGS.

D) Farmers in the extreme distress categories may please be provided with free education facility to their wards.

E) Special Schemes for promotion of Food Crop Farming and natural farming may please be introduced with the attractive schemes of subsidies for food crop farming and natural / low budget farming.

F) The farm sector insurance companies be advised / directed to settle the claims of farmers in stipulated time period of 30 days.

G) Food Processing Policy of Union Ministry of Food Processing be simplified in such a way that the illiterate farmers will get direct advantage out of it.

H) The Subsidy actually meant for farmers for developing Cold Chain and Cold Storage / Warehousing should be made available only to the farmers and the Farmers Group and not to the Corporates – Companies – Multinationals like Walmart, Trumart, Reliance, ITC, Subhiksha, Birla, Godrej, TATA, Hindustan Lever, DLF, etc. etc., otherwise the basic purpose of providing Food Processing subsidies / Infrastructure benefits to farmers for Value Addition will be defeated and if given to the Corporates, the basic advantage to the farmers will be taken away for want of proper statute to control such lapses.

I) The subsidy on fertilizers be passed on to actual farmers / users instead of the fertilizer manufacturing Corporates.

J) To promote use of bio-fertilisers, Union Ministry of Agriculture had set up Directorate of Bio-fertilisers having Regional Centers across the country to educate the farmers about use of Bio-Fertilizers. However, now this Directorate is changed to Directorate of Organic Farming and the whole thrust of the Regional Centres have now shifted to Organic Farming being propogated without proper Infrastucture & Market Support to the Organic Farming Sector. Union of India should separate out Organic & Bio-Fertiliser Wings to function independently. So that the basic purpose of Bio-Fertiliser and Organic Farming be protected in its true sense & meaning.


“we will intensify our stir if legitimate demands in order to protect lives of dying farmers are not fulfilled “ kishore tiwari warned the administration before speaking the thousands of protestor (please see the photo)


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