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VJAS moved in The High Court of Judicature at Bombay Bench at Nagpur in the matter vidarbha farmers suicides PIL

VJAS moved in The High Court of Judicature at Bombay

Bench at Nagpur in the matter vidarbha farmers suicides PIL .

Application for Directions to Produce Record

which is as under

The petitioner / applicants submits as under:-

1) This Hon’ble Court was pleased to entertain the instant petition in the larger public interest considering the reports regarding suicides committed by the cotton growing farmers in the western Vidarbha and the agrarian crisis. Pursuant to the cognizance taken by this Hon’ble Court, from time to time the respondents have declared various packages and placed their details before this Hon’ble Court, still the pace of suicides is unaffected.

2) That in earlier petition before the Hon’ble Divisional Bench of this Hon’ble Court at Bombay the respondent State has submitted that the principal amount to be rescheduled in respect of the loan outstanding against the farmers is of Rs.203 crores and the interest to be written off is Rs.61 crores. Later on by filing affidavit dated 3.9.07 the respondent State submitted that towards interest waiver it has paid Rs.825 crores from P.M. packages and Rs.240 crores from State package and the total overdue as on 30.6.06 was Rs.1407 crores.

3) That recently the Central Government has announced the complete loan waiver amounting to Rs.71000 crores. As mentioned above already Rs.1065 crores were paid by the Government to the Banks towards interest waiver out of the total amount of Rs.1407 crores, hence now the new quantum of the amount disbursed towards loan waivers of the farmers raises questions about its authenticity in the background of the fact that the amount is coming from the pocket of the tax payer.

4) That in compliance with the order dated 11.07.06, 7.8.06 and 6.8.07 as made a Web site operational pertaining to the relief packages, measures and programs formulated by the State for the benefit of the farmers specially the suicide affected area. The petitioner went through the contents of this Web site, but could not get the detail of the beneficiaries and the exact amount paid to each Bank, hence he is making this application for necessary directions to the respondent for placing the record and details of the loan weavers before this Hon’ble Court.

5) That there was much hue and cry about the mismanagement of the various packages, hence the respondent State has appointed a one man Committee consisting of Dr. Narendra Jadhav – The Vice Chancellor, Pune University, Pune to verify that the packages are properly executed and to suggest the remedial measures for better implementation of the packages. The petitioner himself appeared before the Commission and extended his co-operation by submitting various suggestions and data. The Commission has submitted his report to the respondent State on 17.07.08, but according to the petitioner no action is initiated pursuant to said report. For proper assistance to this Hon’ble Court in the instant matter the presence of above report on record is also necessary. Hence this application.

P R A Y E R :- It is therefore, most humbly and respectfully prayed that the respondent State of Maharashtra be directed to ..

a) produce the relevant record regarding complete loan waivers of the farmers containing the exact figure of amount paid to the Banks with their names and the Taluka wise beneficiaries in the 6 Districts of West Maharashtra.

b) produce the details of modalities and procedure adopted for identification of the beneficiaries and deciding the quantum of loan and interest outstanding against him.

c) produce copy of the report submitted by Dr. Narendra Jadhao Committee.

This PIL is fixed before High court on Monday dated 20th October and it is expected that HC will take serious note of on going state apathy in vidarbha agrarian crisis


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