Friday, October 5, 2007

dr.M.S.Swaminathan meets with Vidarbha Farm Widows

Dr.m.s.swaminathan who has submitted his reports as chairman of Nnational Commission for Farmer today visited pandharkawada and discussed the problems of farm widows .meeting was organized specially tounderstand the problems faced by farm widows as MS SWAMINATHAN REASERCH FOUNDATION has opened the center for empowerment of and training of farm widows of vidarbha agrarian crisis.smt.meena swaminathan wife dr.m.s swaminathan informed the widows that this project will look in to aspects of right of land,sustainable farming and credit facility by uniting the widows in small group.yavatmal district has got more than 1000 farm widows in the recent agrarian crisis.
this meeting was arranged the kishor tiwari of vidarbha jan andolan samiti(VJAS) who is working for rehabilitation of vidarbha farm widows."we want to save these helpless farm widows who are victims of wrong policies of govt."tiwari informed today.
earlier pandharkawada municipal council facilitated dr.m.s. swaminathan and given him "vidarbha mitra" award to honor him as he has been given "lal bahadur shastri award" by indian govt. and niminated to rajya sabha as member of parliament by the hand of anil tiwari president of pandharkawada municipal council .senior farm activist vijay jawandhia presided over the function." dr.m.s. swaminathan is true friend of vidarbha as he is fighting for cause of vidarbha cotton farmers"vijay jawandhia informed of this function.
the award "vidarbha mitra" is more important to me than all awards i received by me fact ,I am disturbed by the ongoing farm suicide of vidarbha farmers .let us stop this sad part of history ,m.s.swaminathan informed .

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