Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vidarbha farmers' suicides

Vidarbha farmers' suicides

P Sainath travels through Vidarbha, and finds a land of priorities gone grotesque. Small farmers face shortages of water and credit that are life-threatening, while for the wants and entertainment of the rich, there is no shortage of the precious resource.
May 2005 - July 2007

- One litre per cow
- In Yavatmal, life goes on
- Farming: It's what they do
- Suicides are about the living
- It's been a hard day's night
- All the world's a stage
- And meanwhile in Vidarbha
- Striking a note of dissent
- No sugar coated pills for farmers
- A fading cotton bumper crop
- Till the cows come home
- Distress up, suicides apalling
- A final note on credit
- "Give us a price, not a package"
- Politics of packages, packaging politics
- How Mumbai discovered Vidarbha
- Slowing down the suicides
- Waiting for 'anna'
- Three weddings and a funeral
- Creative solutions, sarkari-style
- 'Forced privatisation' of cotton
- A scenario of post-mortems 24x7
- Swelling register of deaths
- Cry, the beloved countryside
- Shamrao breaks his appointment
- Awaiting a deadly harvest
- Bt chor aur chor Bt
- Mortgages are out, land grab is in
- Of chit funds and loan lotteries
- The farmer and his festival lights
- Health as someone else's wealth
- As you sow, so shall you weep
- Suicides: The price of power?
- Russian roulette
- No rain, but 'snow' and waterparks
- Whose suicide is it, anyway?
- The bank and the big bang
- Water: How the deal was done
- Maharashtra's coming water wars

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